About Me

Who am I?

You can simply call me Cath—a vibrant soul residing in the heart of Missouri, USA. By day, I navigate the dynamic world of online advertising, while moonlighting as a streaming aficionado by night. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree, my passion for design fuels my journey, infusing creativity into every endeavor. Join me as I blend technology, artistry, and innovation to craft captivating digital experiences.

“I'm BUSY!"


Birthday: Aug 14th

♦ Pronouns: She/Her

♦ Education: College Graduate with a focus on graphic design.

Talents: Luck, High Intuition, Empathy.

Hobbies: Streaming, crafts, book collecting and cooking.

Loves: Kiwis, Salmon, Sushi, and good friends to hang out with.

Hates: Gore and spooky things.

Flaws: Too many projects.

♦ Pets: I own 1 cat. An orange one named Butternut.

♦ Fav Color: Green>Purple>Blue

♦ Fav Flower: Orange Lilies

♦ Fav Dessert: Pineapple upside down cake

Things I like to do

Stream: I wish I could stream more but a full time job allows me little extra time.

Play video games: RPGs, Strategy, FPS, Horror (This one because my community enjoys watching me panic).

Crafting: I create neat things out of Perler beads. I also create my own patterns for Cross-stitch.

Board games: I enjoy getting new games on Tabletop Simulator and chilling with my friends.

Dungeon Master: I play D&D 5e with my friends.

Sewing: I’ve done lots of sewing projects from making cosplay costumes to formal dresses. I’ve dabbled in plushies.

Herbalism: I am fairly sensitive to scents and my skin breaks out at poor-quality lotions and the like, so I started making my own. All the products I create are organic and very good for your skin. Some of those include lip balm, lotions, salves for wounds, etc. This is a topic I’m very passionate about.

Tea blending: I enjoy mixing my own types of teas. Favorite flavor is Black Spiced Chai.

Reading: I have over 9 bookshelves full of my favorite books. Dragon Riders of Pern is one of my favorite series.

Charity Streams: I like to do these at least once a year. Raising money for a lovely organization is very fulfilling.

A beautiful Sunrise

My cat butternut

Paramore Concert