Cathoid Species


♦ Species


♦ Age

6 months

♦ Found by


♦ Life Cycle

Egg> Baby> Evolved

♦ Height

6-7 in (15.2-17.8 cm)

♦ Length

8-9 in (20.3-22.9 cm)

♦ Weight

8 lbs (3.6 kg)

♦ Special

Mostly transparent


Birthday: March 13th

Talents: Cute and Jiggly

Loves: Sebastian and sleeping

Hates: Cold temperatures


Cathoids  [ kath-oid ] are a new species that Cathrena found one day. They hatch from a greenish-red egg. They are very jiggly almost like jello. The Cathoid is always hanging around Sebastion. They seem to have taken a deep liking to him. They also appear to have taken on some cat-like features which insinuates they have control over their form a little. Possibly due to spending so much time with Seb.

A Cathoid takes about a year to grow to full adulthood. At one year it is almost identical to a normal cat if you can look past the sharp fangs and see-through jiggly body.

Art by CthulhuLel

Art by AlmaKRowan

3D Model by Aaraneus