Cathrena G. Fayt


♦ Name

Cathrena G Fayt

♦ Age


♦ Alias

Cath, Rena

♦ Pronouns


♦ Height

5’11 (177.8 cm)

♦ Profession

Herbalist/ Alchemist

♦ Weight

180 lbs (81.6 kg)

♦ Fav Color


“Be the light you want to see in this world."


Birthday: Aug 14th

Talents: Herbalism, Alchemy, Magic, Luck

Hobbies: All crafts, Reading, Games

Loves: Good food and tea

Hates: Spiders

Flaws: Absent-minded and easily distracted


Cathrena [ kath-ray-na ] is a Green witch. She uses her magic and herbal knowledge to create healing remedies. A little naïve of the world but is overall positive. She believes everyone can be a good person. Using her kindness as a foundation she wraps her friends and viewers in a warm energy.

Cath is an ageless witch who uses potions to prolong her life. She has great dreams of bringing happiness to as many people as she can.

Cath looking at sky

Art by AlmaKRowan

Cath on broom chibi

Art by Nekipret

Art by Nuupon