Sebastian Fayt


♦ Name

Sebastian Fayt

♦ Age

few hundred years

♦ Alias


♦ Pronouns


♦ Height

11 in (27.9 cm) Tall

♦ Length

20 in (50.8 cm) long

♦ Weight

18 lbs (8.2 kg)

♦ Fav Color


"Protecting those you love is never a mistake."


Birthday: Sept 24th, Year Unknown

Talents: Sensing Danger, Magic adept

Hobbies: Lazing in the sun, Chasing butterflies

Loves: Cathrena and bread

Hates: Cath being in danger, water, and kisses

Flaws: Overprotective, rushes into danger


Sebastian [ si-bas-chuhn ] is the cat familiar of Cathrena. Also goes by Seb. His eyes are heterochromia – Green and Blue. His fur is a dark purple and so very fluffy. Seb spends a lot of time correcting Cath’s many mistakes.

Sebastian was born from magic. Cath’s pleas for help caused him to form in our world as her protector. He patiently teaches her how to use her innate magic as they travel the world together. Mostly he watches Cath as she fumbles and forgets many things. 

Hiding many secrets Seb tries to help Cath lead a normal life. Where she may forget he remembers. There to fill in the blanks that inevitably occur.

Art by CthulhuLel

Art by PandaMadu

Art by Nuupon