Search, Preserve and Analyze Relics for Knowledge

An organization that travels the lands to find lost treasures and lore. Profiting from the sale of these items to those wealthy enough to be interested in these items. They have been known to donate certain religious relics to the associated temples. Currently, they have started a new branch in the Kingdom of Olivas. They hope to find many treasures in the untouched lands now open to public exploration.

Kingdom of Olivas: Location where the campaign is taking place.

S.P.A.R.K. (This page): The Organization the party belongs to. 

Abaddon Tathamet: Tiefling Sorcerer

Red(wandering) Gav Redsun: Beasthide Ranger

Isaac Broadfoot: Mountain Dwarf Barbarian

Verdant Paladin: Human Paladin

Retired characters

Dhongraev Endlessrest: Hill Dwarf Cleric