Story: Last Resort

Art by Lizzbee

“Please!” Cath’s desperate voice echoed off the bare chamber walls. Her hand clutched painfully to her chest. She felt as though her heart was breaking. 

The man at the door was watching her with a smirk on his face. He leaned against the door frame with a relaxed manner, as though enjoying her plight. He was tall and dressed in elegant clothing currently stained with fresh blood. Looking past his blonde hair, the most striking feature about him is his deep purple eyes. They seemed to swirl unnaturally as he tilted his head to the side and chuckled. 

Looking back up at her the man says, “My dear princess, there is no other way. I can’t have another rival in your heart. I will dispose of this one as I did the last one. Then I will be back and we can continue where we left off. Before you left me.“

His swirling eyes flashed dangerously at the last part. Turning he left, slamming the door behind him. As the door shut all light was blocked. Cathrena sat in a dark room, alone. It smelled sickly sweet with an underlying hint of copper. This is the room where she woke, all those centuries ago. Falling to her knees she wept. The ground was caked in dried blood, her blood. It turned to dust under her hands. The room was left untouched by the passage of time. He left it this way to intimidate her. A threat, or a promise, that he could take all her memories again.

As the darkness wrapped around her mind, she took a moment to breathe. In, 1, 2, 3, out 1, 2, 3. Repeating until she could think clearer. She was captured. Not just her, Sebastian, and her love. The only person in an age that brought light back to her life. It also made her careless. She didn’t see the warning signs that they were closing in. Not until his voice was in her head.

“Found you.”

Not again. She told herself. She won’t lose another person to this sadistic man. The last time… She paused at the memory. It wasn’t pleasant. He is a very jealous man. Wanting her all to himself. Last time she was bound and couldn’t do anything. This time, this time she was prepared.

‘Sebastian.’ She called out to him with her magic. She could feel he was close. Their bond was unbreakable, but he was caged in another area. He was sending her distressing emotions for he knew what she had planned.

Smiling, Cath felt around the lining of her outfit for a small hidden pocket, no bigger than the tip of her pinky finger. Inside was the smallest vial you have ever seen. It had reinforced glass, so it would never shatter accidentally, with a cap made to seal the contents perfectly. Now that it was in her hand, even in the pitch blackness, it gave out a tiny amount of dark green light. 

Her last resort.

She sadly called to Seb once more, ‘There is no other way. Be ready.’ Instantly she could hear his voice telling her no. There had to be another way.

But it fell to her silence. Opening the vial sparkles of pink light popped out of the liquid, followed by a bad smell. You would think something made of flowers would smell better, but the Foxglove only tainted the air. She quickly overturned the vial onto her tongue. The taste was spicy and hot with a mildly bitter aftertaste. 

As the liquid slowly fused with her body her chest began to burn. It was slow, at first, then grew. The feel of her heart pounding, rushing in her ears. Every beat pumps the toxins further into her body. When it reached her lungs They were paralyzed for a moment, rendering her unable to breathe. It was as if the very blood in her body took on the properties of fire. The liquid burn coursed farther in her veins. 

Shakily, Cath raised her hand to her chest. The rough outline of her heart could be felt, tender and fresh. Once the fire reached every part of her insides it burned outwards. Her skin began to flake and peel. Cracks formed along the edges of her vision. The heat was only growing. Her magic, primarily dormant, flared. Lighting up the room from her exposed insides. As her magic unleashed she felt stronger, quicker, and she could focus easier. The fog that always seemed to accompany her thoughts was clear. 

Standing unsteadily, Cath reached out with her energy. The door was blown off its hinges. Just a light touch. The light poured back into her world. She noticed her clothing was torn and mostly burned. On the other side of the door was a neatly folded dress. Anger flared in her heart. The man must have intended for her to wear this after he came back. This time she was grateful. After putting on her new outfit she felt confident. Her magic was enhanced for this moment. To save them. She wouldn’t let them die.

Lightly caressing the air in front of her a small light began to glow. It grew and grew until it was taller than her. It took shape into a solid yet see-through staff or pole. Once it reached a height she grasped it and ran her hand along the top. A blade formed like no other in this world. A sharp top with a curved blade. Her soul weapon was born. Normally she couldn’t even form a small dagger but this one was different. It had a special property. 

An unlucky guard ran into her view then. Before he could even shout her soul blade was slicing through his body. It left no mark and cut no skin, but the light in their eyes dimmed and they crumpled to the ground. They were not dead, only temporarily shattered like her body but to their souls. No armor or weapon stopped her attack. It cleanly cuts every foe, shredding their soul.

Limited time. Moving quickly she made her way to them, her love, her light. She could sense every heart in the place. Finding theirs was easy. The man with purple eyes hadn’t yet reached them and so she ran. Focused on one thing, saving them.